10 ways to nourish hair, change damaged hair to beautiful hair

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Hair is a big deal Problems that make you lack confidence in everyday life Are you facing hair problems or not? Whether it’s the problem of dry and damaged hair, frizzy, weightless, split ends, hair loss, weak hair roots , baldness, dandruff, is it an annoying problem? Want to know how to fix damaged hair, how to take care of your hair, is it effective enough to make your hair soft and shiny? Let’s change damaged hair to beautiful hair with tips. How to take care of your hair, 10 ways to nourish your hair urgently, starting with you.

Understanding the causes of dry and damaged hair

Damaged hair and split ends is that the outer hair layer is destroyed weak inner hair ends thus tearing apart. When I split ends, it makes me frizzy. Hair ends change color, get tangled, cause hair loss. Hair loss and split ends are often encountered with those who have long hair. ฺฺBecause the hair is exposed to chemicals sunlight and various pollution for many years  

Those who have split-end hair problems should find a way to treat damaged hair to return it to be beautiful, shiny, healthy and natural as before. Which the main cause that causes hair loss and split ends is caused by UFABET

1. Wash your hair too often. wash your hair with hot water

Did you know that you wash your hair too often? It’s not a hair care method. But it’s the destruction of the hair. Because each time you wash your hair, the oil in your hair is washed off too much. Dry scalp, dandruff, and washing your hair with hot water is another reason for weak hair. I lost too 

2. Using heat and chemicals on hair

Any girl who likes to do hair coloring, curling, straightening, straightening, curling, including hair drying. Using chemicals and heat of 180 degrees or more on the hair is often too damaging to the hair. As a result, the hair is weak, fragile, damaged hair, split ends and easy to fall off. If there is no proper way to take care of your hair. You should urgently find a way to repair damaged hair.

3. Sunlight and Pollution

Another reason that is difficult to avoid is our hair. Must face the sun and pollution, which UV light and dust pollution. It contributes to the destruction of the hair structure, causing damaged hair, falling out, frizz and split ends easily. Should avoid exposure to sunlight and pollution. Find a way to nourish the hair to protect the hair to be strong.