Stop the problem of sensitive teeth with 8 easy ways to take care of your teeth

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Sensitive teeth can be caused by many reasons. Plus it’s a disturbing problem for many people. The cause may be due to neglect of dental care, such as brushing the wrong way. Using a hard toothbrush or brushing your teeth too vigorously can cause gum recession. Tooth wear near the edge of the gum Which is an important cause that can make teeth more sensitive, etc.

Today, Goodlife will bring everyone to get to know Causes and ways to prevent sensitive teeth easily with 8 methods that can be easily followed.

Causes of sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can occur for many reasons. If it occurs in childhood, it is caused by tooth decay. In the group of adults and the elderly. Sensitive teeth may be caused by worn neck, receding gums, worn teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth, cavities. And recurring cavities around the teeth that have been filled. have a habit of eating sour food Sensitive teeth after receiving new fillings or sensitive teeth after scaling, etc. The UFBAET report

8 easy ways to take care of your teeth by yourself

1. Avoid foods and beverages that are acidic. 

Such as soft drinks, strongly acidic foods and beverages. Because the acid can damage the enamel. This may be the cause of tooth erosion. or tooth decay at a later time 

2. Refrain from chewing hard or sticky foods. 

that can cause teeth to crack, such as ice. Try not to use your teeth to chew seeds. and fruit that is too hard

3. Brush your teeth properly. 

At least 2 times a day will help prevent the abrasion of the tooth enamel. And gum recession by brushing from the base of the teeth to the tip of the teeth. And brush both outside and the inside of the teeth And don’t forget to brush all the way to the innermost teeth as well.

4. Use interdental cleaning equipment 

such as dental floss or interdental brush at least once a day to reduce plaque. That causes gingivitis Which will be the source of problems from gum recession to tooth decay and can lead to tooth loss.

5. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

Avoid using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard. because it may cause the neck to wear

6. Choose a toothpaste with fluoride. Alternatively, choose a toothpaste that contains substances that reduce tooth sensitivity, 

such as strontium chloride and potassium nitrate, which will help block the ducts. This prevents the nerve from being stimulate. Which can help alleviate sensitive teeth. 

7. See a dentist for an oral health check every 6 months 

to check your teeth health. And consulting for tooth sensitivity to diagnose the cause of tooth sensitivity. That occurs from what will be prevente and treat according to the cause

8. If you have frequent toothaches that do not disappear even after changing your behavior, you should hurry. 

Consult a doctor and get treatment.