Gourds crabs fish and new developments

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Gourds crabs fish and new developments

But over time there has a development of play style. gourd, crab, fish to be more like playing sic bo. Because of the symbol of gourd-crab-tiger-shrimp-chicken-fish. There are a total of 6 symbols. Which are the same as the numbers on the Sic Bo dice. Therefore changed from using a paper lottery to design a dice to have all 6 symbols. Then use it to play By using the dice as a 3 ball like playing Sic Bo.

For the method of playing, it is similar to playing Sic Bo. Which is to bring the symbolic dice to shake in a plate with an opaque container. To cover it so that it cannot inside. Then the players will place their bets. When the bet is complete The dealer will then open the opaque cover to reveal. What the three dice are showing. The pictogram that comes out can tell you that there is a chance of being right like playing Sic Bo.

How to play gourds, crabs, fish

For how to play gourd, crab, fish game, there a paper board showing different symbols like a sic bo board. By the betting style of this gourd game. There are two types.

  • Bet on favorites means players can place money according to various symbols. That they want or are expect to be issued such as tigers, chickens, shrimps, with a winning rate of 1, pay 1, excluding capital. But if the 3 favorites are out. It will Get 3 times the prize money, etc.
  • Tot bet is to bet in the form of 2 numbers. Such as fish-shrimp bets. When the dice opens, there is a talking fish-shrimp symbol. It will receive a prize at the rate of 1 pays 5, excluding capital. But if only released Either one will not receive a reward.

There will be a symbol of this gourd game. If the player places the right money in the position. The symbol that opens the lottery will receive the prize money immediately at the rate of 1 : 1. Let’s go and see Study here UFABET