Hanoi Lottery, a new choice for lottery players

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Hanoi Lottery, a new choice for lottery players.

Playing the lottery is another form of gambling that is very popular among gamblers. So much so that counting countries that don’t have or lotteries to play should be easier. And of course, that just Thai lottery, underground lottery or Laos may not be enough or can answer lottery fans like us today, so I will take everyone to know about another neighboring play lottery at UFABET.

What is Hanoi Lottery and what time does it come out?

Hanoi Lottery  also known as Vietnam. controll by LỒNG CẦU XỔ SỐ office of Vietnam. Prizes drawn every day at 6:30 p.m. time in Thailand. This event can tell that I like the for sure. because there is a new lottery to win every day

How to play Hanoi What kind is consider winning the lottery?

As for how to play, as I said, we can buy both top 3 numbers, 3 Toad numbers, 2 upper numbers, 2 lower numbers, including the top-bottom running numbers. as well as Thai In conclusion, it is an underground lottery purchase using Hanoi as a reference for the prize draw.

As for the prize draw of Hanoi in our home, he will use the last 3 digits of the ĐB award to issue the upper 3 digits and use the last 2 digits of the ĐB award to issue the upper 2 digits of the award, while the lower 2 digits of the prize will use the last 2 digits. 2 digits of the prize come to reference

  • The top 3 prizes are 642. Anyone who buys this number will receive an instant prize of 750 baht per baht.
  • The prize for 3 big numbers from the example of the top 3 numbers is 642, so anyone who buys 642, 624, 264, 246, 426, 462 will consider to have won this prize. Which in general will be paid at 120 baht per baht
  • The top 2 prizes are 42, the normal payment rate is 90 baht per baht.
  • The 2 lower prizes are 45, the payout rate is equal to the top 2 prizes, approximately 90 baht per baht.
  • Top Runner Number The winning condition is that the number we buy must match at least 1 top 3 prize and it is a single lone buy. Suppose to buy top 2 and in top 3 prizes (642). There 2, this is consider prize winner. He will pay 3 baht per baht.
  • Lower Running Numbers The methods of purchase and winning conditions are the same as for the top running numbers. Only the lower running numbers will use the bottom 2 prize results to refer to the prize draw. As for the payout rate. It is a bit more than the number running above. Which is paid at 4 baht per baht.