NineKe card and Poker What the same and different?

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NineKe card and Poker What the same and different?

Nineke and Poker What are the similarities and differences in poker. Let’s go see Study here UFABET

Where 2 cards are dealt in first round. Everyone in circle can see their faces and 3 more cards dealt each time. 

Players in the circle will not be able to see the monks of the opposing team in the circle. Form give in hands band members changes every round while each time it is given.

The players in the band must Always analyze. Cards of players in circle as more and more cards dealt. Including player can also increase.

Bet level of the gate every time a card is receive each round or can fold the card and not continue playing,

Depending on whether card high or low. If the player is high. Middle level can be The stake is increase for a battle. Which in this point is similar to poker.

NineKe card and poker cards What are the similarities and differences as follows. Starting with Nine-Ke card. Every player in betting circle dealt 3 cards from the first deal.

Player takes the score from those 3 cards and calculates that. How many points or how many cards are in a cloth?

If cards are score according to the score at a satisfactory level. The player can start betting and other. Players have low scores.

Who will bring his hand to measure points, fight must increase the bet amount overlap. The minimum slot of 100 baht. Make the stake in that band higher. According to the amount of overlap of the bet in each of the players in the band.