Poker face Beat poker simply by using facial expressions.

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Poker face Beat poker simply by using facial expressions.

Poker face wins simply by using facial expressions. Online That the important thing is not whether we get good cards or not. Will we arrange the cards correctly? But will we able to disturb the minds of other players or not? How accurate is the player’s attitude UFABET

Including to hide our attitude. In order to trick other people into giving up their cards for us to win and this is the Poker face. That I’m going to talk about today.

Psychology and reading of the faces of poker players

It is well known among poker players. That the study of psychology is very important. Many professional players besides playing skills. They dedicate to the study of psychology. Reading gestures and behaviors to understand the thinking process or the thoughts of the other party One thing. That people often find difficult to hide is the feelings expresse through their facial expressions and eyes. If you’re not sure, try saying something that offends the other person’s ears, maybe no one will smile happily at them. but will block their eyes

The reason for this is because the facial expressions. We show not through a complex thought process. When you think about something that is happy, fun, or funny, sometimes you accidentally show your face until other people say you’re crazy. And that’s where players use their weapons to win. This highly skilled gambling game.

How important is Poker face?

Of course, when all players know. That people’s emotions can read through facial expressions. Everyone was devoted to observing the expressions on their faces. Including concealing emotions with a calm expression. Or some may even better so that they can show their facial expressions that contradict their true emotions. or keep your face still But an expert can make the other person think they’ve got a bad card with a serious blow.