Anchoux regrets missing UCL title with Liverpool

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Anchoux regrets missing UCL title with Liverpool.

Stefan Anchos, former Liverpool defender of the Premier League team came out to admit that. He regrets leaving the team. Before Rafael Benitez helped them win the UEFA Champions League. was accomplished in 2005. According to a report from the UFABET.

The Switzerland international spent five years at Anfield and paired up with Sami Hyypia, helping the Reds win a “Triple Cup” in 2001 under his supervision. Gerard Houllier’s team before leaving the starting lineup in the Elbos era

Anchoux then decided to move to Glasgow Celtic in January 2005 free of charge. At the end of the season, Liverpool became the fifth UEFA Champions League winner after defeating AC Milan on penalties in Istanbul, which he admits is what makes him most regretful until today.

“I should have thought I don’t want to leave Liverpool because when you leave the team. There’s only one reason, you’re down, and I’m sorry to do that.”

“I moved to Celtic and Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League six months later, it was the biggest regret of my career. I might have sat on the bench that game. Or perhaps not on the field, but as a substitute and be part of the team. which was a wrong decision with experience I would like to change that,” Anchoux said.