Erling Haaland reveals the reason for choosing to join Navy

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Erling Haaland reveals the reason for choosing to join Navy.

Alf Inge Haaland, the father and agent of Manchester City striker Erling Haaland. Has explain why he chose to join the Premier League champions this season.

The Norwegian striker has been in great form with 10 games, scoring 14 goals in all competitions. At Manchester City this season, Do Alf Inge has revealed he received a number of offers last summer. And they chose Manchester City as their first choice. The two revealed through “Haaland: The Big Decision”, a documentary about the Norwegian striker.

“On our list of offers, I think Manchester City are the best team. The second choice is Bayern Munich, Real Madrid is the third choice. PSG is the fourth choice. and have a team from the Premier Many league teams that have submitted offers. I’s a good deal such as Liverpool, Chelsea, as well as offers from Barcelona,” said the fathe.

“I think wants to prove his ability in every league. That means he could be at each team for about 3-4 years. For example he might play two and a half years in Germany, two and a half years in Germany. And then maybe playing in Italy, Spain and France next is possible as well.”

While Erling Haaland admits his decision to choose Manchester City was partly due to having the opportunity to work with Pep Guardiola, one of the decisions was made. his And many Manchester City players have invited him to join. After Dortmund’s game against Manchester City in the Champions League in 2021.

“I never thought about moving the club because of the manager. But to work with Guardiola at Manchester City, he is the best manager in the world. And the team has the best sports projects. where I will do my best as well.”