Jesse Lingard, a former Manchester United midfielder

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Jesse Lingard, a former Manchester United midfielder.

Receive the highest salary in South Korea’s K-League history after signing a contract with FC Seoul, although the amount said. It will less than some of the youth players of Manchester United’s current team.

ทางเข้า ufabet media reveals. That former Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard will receive the highest salary in the history of the South Korean K League after signing a contract with FC Seoul , although the amount said It will still be less than some of Manchester United’s current youth players.

After parting ways with Nottingham Forest after the end of last season, the 31-year-old midfielder has not joined any team. It’s equal to not having been on the field for more than half a year.

However, Lingard recently debuted as a new player for FC Seoul, the team at the top of the South Korean league, the owner of the K League 6 times and the team ranked 7th in last season’s table.

The record holder of 232 appearances with Manchester United has agreed to sign a two-year contract with FC Seoul.

Recently, it was revealed by local media that Lingard has come to receive a new record salary with FC Seoul, surpassing any player that has ever existed. including current players All South Korean leagues

However, wages are at record levels. It’s actually just £17,500 a week. Which, although the highest has surpassed the K League ceiling, is still incomparably lower than the standards of Premier League players.

Amad Diallo, United’s fledgling winger, isn’t earning anywhere near £30,000 a week with the Red Devils, or Tom Heaton, their all-time reserve goalkeeper, is earning £45,000 a week.