Thomas Frank is happy at the club.

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank is happy at the club after being link with a move to Manchester United if the Red Devils decide to part ways with Erik ten Hag.

    The 50-year-old has led Brentford to excellent form and a steady place in the English Premier League since promotion in 2021, Promotion ufabet the club’s first first-half return to the top flight in 74 years. Was praised for his craftsmanship

    Frank responded to the media after being ask about his latest move to Manchester United, saying: “I’m not saying this is the perfect club for me. I think it’s a perfect football life.”

    “Yes, we are not Arsenal, City or Liverpool – these big clubs can compete for the title. So it’s a different club, but what about Wolves or Brighton?”

    “There are a lot of great things here, including a lot of structure. There are many processes and people who do this in my opinion. In my opinion this is probably the best possible place for a lot of people to work because of the great culture.”

    “It’s a good atmosphere. We try to move in the same direction. We get along very well. I’m not saying it’s not stressful. It hurts to lose five games in a row. I just told the team again before the first season that we would never lose five games in a row. I just had that belief and then… boom, we lost five games in a row. in january So it’s still difficult.”

    “There are good things here. There’s a lot and sometimes you have to learn from what you have.”