Trent says Liverpool hopes to win 4 championships this season

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Trent says Liverpool hopes to win 4 championships this season.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool’s talented right-back declares. That his team wants to win every competition, complete with all 4 trophies this season.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has started 2024 by fully transforming into Roberto Carlos

As the rain tumbled down and a wind blew to chill the bones of the dead, Liverpool and Newcastle served up an absurdist piece of drama with enough incident to fill five matches.

It was the kind of match that the Premier League does best; don’t think too hard about the long-term consequences, but perfect to nurse a hangover.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool talented right-back announced

That his team wants to win every championship, complete with all 4 trophies, this season in order to completely close the legend of Jurgen Klopp ‘s team.

The England national team right-back is confident in the team’s potential at this time. Ready to win every championship in front of us. “I am fully focus on winning every championship possible.”

“My goal is to win four championships, so the goal of every game is to win.”

“I am always ready to choose our side against any opponent, for a two-legged round-trip game. League football is about consistency and results in each match.”

Liverpool is still on the path to winning 4 championships this season. Alexandra-Arnold said that the Premier League is 2 points ahead of Manchester City, entering the Carabao Cup final with Chelsea, and the FA Cup is in the 5th round. Meet Southampton and in the round of 16 of the UEFA Europa League. But the opponent is not yet known. Accordint to ทางเข้า ufabet